One research foundations course (RFC) •  Three-course sequence  •  Multiple research driven courses (RDCs)

FYRIS: A New Path for Student Success 

The Freshman Year Research Intensive Sequence (FYRIS) is a three-course sequence designed to provide freshmen with course-based undergraduate research experiences. The sequence consists of one research foundations course and two semesters of a research track that:

  • Allows entering freshmen to have real-world research experiences in a field of interest related to their majors while generating useful data that contributes to their professor's research project.
  • Fulfills the learning objectives of existing traditional lab or lecture courses, while allowing each student to experience the excitement of research discoveries with publication potential.
  • Enhances student engagement by working side-by-side with faculty, post-docs and graduate students, who are conducting cutting-edge research projects in STEM areas
  • Teaches essential research principles and valuable techniques

Through targeted course curriculum design, FYRIS provides students with an opportunity to develop their science identity and the skills needed to pursue further faculty-mentored research experiences.

Courses are funded by several sources including the National Institutes of Health (BUILD) and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (PERSIST).

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