The FYRIS Difference

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Traditionally, lectures and labs in the sciences happen independently of each other. FYRIS allows students to get involved in research during their first year at UTEP.

FYRIS students are involved in original research while fulfilling their degree plan requirements and learning objectives of existing traditional lab or lecture courses. Students develop strong foundations in research fundamentals by first completing the Research Foundation Course (RFC) before enrolling in Research Driven Course (RDC) tracks. 

Students work side-by-side with faculty, post-docs and graduate students learning valuable research techniques while working on research projects in STEM areas. The sequence allows undergraduate students to obtain real-world research experience in an area related to their majors while also generating data for the research agendas of lead faculty. Students, faculty and post-docs all share in the excitement of research discoveries with potential for publications.

There are two sequence options and six track options from which to choose. 

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